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09/23/09 - The Communication Conceptual Framework for AHI and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases

Click here to view the Conceptual Framework.

Snapshot of Communication Conceptual Framework

As a result of three years of on-the-ground behavior change communication work and research on H5N1 in over 19 countries, AED pooled its research and other lessons learned and designed a communication conceptual framework that can be used to respond to avian flu outbreaks and other epizootics. An interactive website is forthcoming to showcase the "Communication Conceptual Framework for AHI and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases."

The framework is based on a six-part premise: 1) With awareness and understanding of the background context, 2) the selection of strategies and interventions are designed to act upon behavioral determinants, which in turn will 3) act upon behavioral determinants, which in turn will, 4) influence specific behaviors and activities, 5) that can affect viral transmission, thus 6) preventing new infections. In each step, users of the framework can select an array of choices for the context (e.g., production systems, political and organizational structure, endemicity, socioeconomic factors); strategies and interventions (e.g., communication, policy, capacity building, private sector partnerships, reporting and surveillance); behavioral determinants (e.g., external or internal); desired actions (e.g., reservoir control, blocking actions, preventing infection within the target group); biological determinants (e.g., risk of viral transmission); and outcomes (e.g., infections averted).

This framework can be used in a variety of settings - urban and rural, developing and industry settings - and applied to avian and human influenzas as well as other emerging infectious diseases. As we move into new areas (emerging infectious diseases and possibly malaria and dengue in Thailand), new opportunities to test and further develop the Conceptual Framework are in the offing.

08/22/09 - Avian Influenza Communication Planning Workshop, Islamabad, August 17-19, 2009

Picture from AICP Workshop, August 2009, Pakistan

AI.COMM commissioned a qualitative research study on prevalent values and beliefs with regard to Avian Influenza, which was conducted by Quantum Marketing Research. The results of the research study were shared with stakeholders at the 3-day Avian Influenza Communication Planning Workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan. The participants belonged to the Livestock Department of the Federal and all Provincial Governments, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information, poultry research institutes, Agricultural and Livestock Universities, the Pakistan Poultry Association, wet-market and slaughterers’ associations, poultry,  transporters’ associations, communication professionals from international donor agencies, international NGOs, private and state-run television and radio channels, poets, journalists, etc.

On day-1 the results of the research were shared and in-depth by all the participants of the workshop. On day-2 and day-3, a group of 50 selected participants from various related fields worked together to develop the components of the National AI Communication Plan which addresses audiences like poultry farmers, transporters, sanitary workers, domestic and institutional consumers, opinion leaders and various types of vendors involved in the poultry supply-chain. Message development exercises targeting these audiences were conducted on day-3 with the help of ‘creative briefs’.


07/31/09 - Draft Pandemic Influenza Materials image of publication covers

Pandemic Influenza Message Guide

Pandemic Influenza Symptoms Flyer

Pandemic Infuenza Care Flyer

Pandemic Influenza Flipchart

Orientation Workshop for the Media: Reporting on Pandemic Influenza

07/25/09 - New Materials Available at the Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness (H2P) Initiative Website

H2P website image

Additional materials and information are available at the new Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness (H2P) website,

Planning Strategic Behavior Change Communication (BCC) for Pandemic Influenza

How Serious is the Current Pandemic Risk? (DRAFT)

English | English (Thailand) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai

How is Pandemic Influenza Different? The Facts (DRAFT)

English | English (Thailand) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai

What Can We Learn from Previous Pandemics? (DRAFT)

English | English (Thailand) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai

What Interventions Are Available? (DRAFT)

English | English (Caribbean) | English (Thailand) | French | French (Caribbean) | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai

Five Useful Things to Know about the 2009 H1N1 Outbreak (DRAFT)

Arabic | English | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai | Vietnamese

H1N1 Counseling Cards

English | English (Caribbean) | English (S.E. Asian) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai


06/08/09 - New Communication Tools for Vendors, Transporters and Slaughterers Report covers image

Avian Influenza: How to Protect Yourself When You Slaughter or Prepare Poultry at Home

Avian Influenza: How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Outbreaks if You Sell Poultry, Other Birds, or Eggs at the Marketplace

Avian Influenza: How to Protect Yourself When You Slaughter or Prepare Poultry (for workers)

Avian Influenza: How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Outbreaks When You Transport Birds


04/30/09 - Ethiopia Materials (DRAFT)

Pandemic Influenza: What Can I Do As a National Leader?

Effective Ways to Survive the New Flu: Pandemic Influenza Management for the Household

Flu Cue Cards

Pandemic Influenza Messages


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Bringing the Community Together to Plan for Disease Outbreaks and Other Emergencies: A Step-by-Step Guide for Community Leaders

Report image cover

AI Communicator, Issue 3

Cover of report

AI.COMMunicator highlights our recent AI.COMM activities. Covering country and regional programs and communication development, the document will come out bi-weekly. Click here to read or download the document.

Cambodia Training Video for Farmers

image of movie clip

Cambodia training video for farmers was developed with FAO/Cambodia to demonstrate the best practices for keeping poultry healthy and well. The four-segments include separation, fencing, and transporting poultry. Click here to download the video.


Snapshots from the Field

Snapshots from the Field: Highlights from the AI.COMM and AI-BCC projects

Click here to download a copy of Snapshots from the Field, a collection of project highlights that serve as guides to effective communication tools and techniques to heighten awareness and respond to outbreaks of the virus.



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