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Responding to H1N1


Within a few days of the H1N1 outbreak, AI.COMM quickly created and adapted a menu of products on key behaviors for limiting the spread of the flu.  All of these materials can be accessed below:

Cover image of reportH1N1 Information

Five Useful Things to Know about the 2009 H1N1 Outbreak (DRAFT)
Arabic | English | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai | Vietnamese

Talking Points on the Novel H1N1 Influenza Virus

What People Can Do to Prevent and Contain the Novel H1N1 Influenza Virus: Key Messages for Communicators

H1N1 Research

Rapid assessment of attitudes and understanding related to 2009 H1N1 pandemic influenza immunization
Kenya | Mali | Vietnam - Coming Soon | Bangladesh - Coming Soon

Rapid assessment of beliefs and understanding related to H1N1 influenza immunization

Pandemic Influenza Information

Back of the Jeep Training
English | Hindi | Spanish

Pandemic Influenza Message Guide (DRAFT)

Pandemic Influenza Symptoms Flyer (DRAFT)

Pandemic Infuenza Care Flyer (DRAFT)

Pandemic Influenza Flipchart (DRAFT)
English | Urdu | French | Hindi | Russian | Sindhi | Spanish | Swahili | Thai

How Serious is the Current Pandemic Risk? (DRAFT)

English | English (Thailand) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai | Arabic

How is Pandemic Influenza Different? The Facts (DRAFT)

English | English (Thailand) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai | Arabic

What Can We Learn from Previous Pandemics? (DRAFT)

English | English (Thailand) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai | Arabic

What Interventions Are Available? (DRAFT)

English | English (Thailand) | French | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai | Arabic

Influenza Counseling Cards for Health Workers and Volunteers

Influenza Counseling Cards for Health Workers and Volunteers

English | English (S.E. Asian) | Portuguese | Spanish | Thai | Arabic

More information is available at the Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness (H2P) website,

Pharmaceutical Interventions

H1N1 Vaccine Materials

Latin America (DRAFT) | Africa (DRAFT) | Southeast Asia (DRAFT ) | Nepal (DRAFT )

Orientation Workshop for the Media: Reporting on the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza

English (DRAFT)

How to Communicate on the H1N1 Influenza Vaccine: Training Workshop Guide

English (DRAFT) | Spanish (DRAFT) | French (DRAFT)

H1N1 Influenza Vaccination: Model Training for National Adaptation

English (DRAFT) | Spanish (Draft) | French (Draft)

Spreading H2P faster than the spread of H1N1

H2P website imageThe recent outbreak of the novel Influenza A (H1N1) virus demonstrated the unpredictability and speed at which influenza can spread around the world.  National governments, civil society and non-governmental organizations and other community level actors quickly looked for information on how to prepare their communities for a possible influenza outbreak.  AI.COMM along with input from the H2P partners has developed the new H2P website ( which has information to help inform people and organizations on the current outbreak of H1N1 and help communities prepare by using H2P developed training modules in Health, Food Security/Livelihoods and Communication.  Within a week of the website launch, people were accessing the site globally from Panama to Switzerland and all the way to Indonesia and the Philippines.  The website is still updating as the situation evolves and is populating with new materials from the H2P Initiative and with global guidance. 

H2P Twitter site imageThe H2P website has been linked by several key influenza websites and has been shared by key partners including the CORE Group and InterAction.  H2P is also on the social media site Twitter (  The H2P Twitter account lets H2P followers know when new content is added to the website and when key information is released by global experts including WHO and the CDC. 

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