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Food Security & Livelihoods


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Food Security and Livelihoods Kit

It is important that response leaders and stakeholders clearly understand that while the direct result of a pandemic influenza virus is illness and death, a series of cascading indirect impacts may result in significant challenges to all sectors of society. Food security and livelihoods are areas that could be severely impacted if measures are not taken to protect it. The following seven sessions are designed to help municipal level governments prepare their communities in the areas of Food Security & Livelihoods for an outbreak of Pandemic Influenza.

Session 1: Understanding Food Security in a Pandemic

PowerPoint Presentation | Worksheet | Tool

Session 2: Food Security - Risk Classification

PowerPoint Presentation | User Guide | Tool Map 1 | Map 2

Session 3: Identifying Those Most At Risk

PowerPoint Presentation | Activity | Tool

Session 4: Household Food Security

PowerPoint Presentation | Activity | Tool

Session 5: Distributing Emergency Food

PowerPoint Presentation | Activity | Tool

Session 6: Volunteer Coordination

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Session 7: Recovery and Resilience

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