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report coverThe AI.COMMunicator is an informal, periodic bulletin to keep project members and USAID staff in Washington and at the Missions apprised of project developments covering the full spectrum of communication and behavior change approaches: trainings, qualitative research, mass media campaigns, social mobilization efforts, community-based outreach, and private sector collaborations.

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AI.COMMuniqué is a monthly series of notes on avian influenza communication and the unique challenges and issues it presents. The series is intended to serve as a reliable source on avian influenza (AI) communication issues, as well as to spark discussion and thinking for people who are actively involved or interested in avian influenza work. To subscribe, please contact

Please see The Communication Initiative’s Avian Influenza section at for a full listing of avian influenza communication knowledge summaries in support of your work.

AI.COMMuniqué is very interested in your knowledge and experience in avian influenza communication—your projects and programs, strategic thinking, support materials, and any other relevant documentation. Please contact

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