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White Papers and Case Studies

The Evolution of Avian Influenza Messages: Observations from Three Years of Outbreak Response

Nurturing a Social Network to Respond to Avian Influenza Outbreaks: AI-BCC and the Lao Women’s Union

Beyond the Borders: AHI Communication in the Gangetic Plain - Bangladesh and Nepal

Avian Influenza Research - A Case Study

Case Study: Super Chicken® - Using an Icon in the Fight Against Avian Influenza

Snapshots from the Field

AI.COMM "Show Reel" Video

Success Stories on Avian and Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Field epidemiologists hone communication skills needed during outbreaks

Using an integrated social marketing approach to battle avian and pandemic influenza outbreaks

Hands-on training sessions help to educate first responders on how to protect themselves during avian and pandemic outbreaks

Improving bio security in Lao PDR

It takes a village: Village leaders bring their communities together to improve poultry raising practices and fend off avian influenza outbreaks

Unlikely "Superhero" emerges in fight against bird flu

Women lead the way: Lao Women's Union mobilizes communities to prevent avian influenza

Provincial multi-media AHI campaign promotes “3 Good Things” in Vietnam

AI communication materials finally reach their intended audiences in Vietnam villages

Provincial TV and radio campaign informs on mass poultry vaccination changes in Vietnam

Cadre of trained AHI communicators reaches wide audience with AHI messages in Vietnam


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